How We Work

We love to make sure we get great results on every project. But first we need to find out if we are a good fit.
You have goals

#1 You Have Goals

Having a clear goal makes a huge difference. It not only helps you to have focus, but helps our team focus on achieving the goals you are after.

Before you apply to work with us, please take some time to make sure you have clear goals set for your website and what success would look like for you, allowing us to come up with the best possible to plan to take you there without any costly distractions or side tracks.

#2 You Have Passion

At M R K we pour our heart into every project. Our vision is to make the whole internet better one website at a time. That means we have lots of hard work ahead of us. Passion is the fuel that keeps us going.

Likewise, we find that we work best with businesses who are also passionate about what they do.

Let us turn your dream website into reality. If you want to be inspired, check out our blog.

You have passion
You have budget

#3 You Have A Budget

Websites range in price but one thing remains true, the more money you can allocate to a website project, the more work we can put into it making it awesome.

We are a professional business, not a non-for-profit, and as such we don’t cut corners or deliver a sub standard service or product.

It’s a good idea to set a aside a budget at the beginning of your project and realistically compare it with your goals. Having clear budget in mind before you approach us is essential. We will always give you our honest opinion of what you can and can’t do for your budget.

#4 You Have A Team

Generally we prefer to work with businesses that have a team of people on full scale projects. We have found that most businesses are benefited by having a great internal team to back them up, helping them to achieve a quick project turnaround.

That being said, we have completed work for sole traders in the past, and with great success, but if you are a sole trader you do need to be prepared for some hard work in helping us get the most out of you to populate your website content.

You have a team
You have time

#5 You Have Time

Website projects take time, effort and focus. We will demand your undivided attention over the course of the project. From providing useful feedback, to being available for Skype chats, to shooting marketing videos, you’re going to need to have the time and bandwidth to complete tasks and respond quickly to our requests.

Time delays can de rail a whole project and we want to deliver on time and on budget.

Are You Ready To Apply?

We are passionate and focused on our goals as a business. If you are ready to work with us on a successful partnership, contact our team today to get your project started.
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