Our Process

We have a proven process of website delivery to get great success on every project.

#1 The Consult

Before we even talk about your website, we learn about your business goals and where you’re headed.

We ask lots of questions to get from you all the information we need in setting up the goals and parameters for your project.

We make sure that we get down to the real reasons why you need a website and want to be online.

We also talk about your vision and brand to make sure we are a good fit for your business.

#2 The Brief

After we have been over your consultation we work towards a brief.

Sometimes this will include a paid discovery process where we use guided tools and interactive sessions on webinars to get you to the point where you have the information you need around your website.

Our process includes a number of industry standard tools to assist in getting the right information into a format that is easy to understand. These tools include Lean Canvas, SWOT analysis and Agile Project Methodologies in between some of our process tools.

The Brief
The Sitemap

#3 The Sitemap

We work on a site map covering off the number of pages you need and what is required on each page with the idea of reaching your goals. Each page should have a clear purpose and point of communication.

What to learn more about sitemaps? Read our blog post.

We use the web based sitemap tools to help define your website and get to a phase 1 build. Every site we make can grow with you and can potentially be unlimited, but staying focused and having a fixed sitemap for your first phase is important in delivering a good website.

#4 The Content

In this part of our process, we gather all of the content needed for your website. That is all the text, images and multimedia content that is required. We cannot design without content so putting content into your website is our number one focus.

We also work on gathering all your branding information.

We use dropbox to manage this part of the process along with specialised Word templates to assist you in instructing exactly what has to happen at each step.

The copywriting process
The Design

#5 The Design

We then carefully craft your website using our customised theme tools and UI design patterns with your content to make an interactive, high fidelity wireframe.

This is a fully functional website that is already built in the WordPress CMS.

This will give you and very deep understanding of the visual and interactive requirements of your site and makes for a fast process in getting to your goals.

We found in the past if we did a boring wireframe it just didn’t work so our process is to provide a branded design at this stage to ensure you can focus more on interactivity than the boring UI you are presented with in the industry standard wireframes used.

#6 The Delivery

Finally, we go underground for a couple of weeks and work hard to make sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to the world wide web.

This includes a number of site audits and content audits that ensure maximum readability as well as fast loading web pages.

We also ensure that any workflows and integrations are setup in this stage. These could include connections to your CRM or Email Marketing Platform.

The Delivery
The Review

#7 The Review

After your website has been launched we review the statistics and analytics over the next 30 days as well as track the website SEO performance to make sure you have an easy transition to your new website.

This means you should minimise any lost traffic from content changes and should see a good search results and time on each page after your website is live.

At M R K we also provide a number of care and support packages to make sure we can continue to assist you in growing your audience online and improving your website month to month.

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