The new Google Analytics app

The new Google Analytics app

As a manager of a business I know that I often don’t look at my analytics enough. It’s often because Im away from my computer or laptop and the existing google analytics app for mobile wasn’t really that good.

Well Google has done something about that with the new Google Analytics Mobile application. It looks really cool and my first usage of it was really valuable and I think that I’ll be using it more.

I have installed it on my Samsung Tablet / iPad and Android Phone so heres hoping I’m not ignoring my stats as much.

How often should you look at your stats?

Ideally you should have core items you check daily and weekly. I check my error page lists daily, my entry and exit pages weekly and then do a deep dive once a month.

reading your analytics sometimes takes a bit of effort to really understand what you are looking at. If you need help on this dont hesitate to contact our team or arrange a booking with me.

Enjoy the new Google Analytics apps.

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