Understanding your Website Investment

Understanding your Website Investment

When we get enquiries for a website build we are often asked – how much will a website cost?

I found this a question that cannot be answered. Why? We need more information.

What does the website do?

What are you online goals?

Then – even with this information it seems like everyone expects a website to cost $500.00 – I need to tell you, that good websites do not cost $500.00, they are much more expensive than that but you need to remember why you get a good website.

This video will help to describe how we understand the actual worth of a website so you, as a client, can work towards reaching real goals.

Check it out on youtube and we will follow up with some tips on setting Goals inside Google Analytics to start to calculate the value of your website and what value it brings back into your business.


Two things missing from your website!

Two things missing from your website!

Are these two things missing from your website?

Terms of Use and a Privacy Statement! As the owner of a website, it is impossible for you to be able to control who has access to your site. Therefore it is important that you have the following two items on your website!

Terms of Use and a Privacy Statement

Terms of Use and a Privacy Statement are a protective measure for you, the owner, against liability. You need to tell people how they can use your website. Tell them what is prohibited and a disclaimer that limits your liability is critical.

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