WordPress 4.6 Releases its latest hit “Pepper”

WordPress 4.6 Releases its latest hit “Pepper”

Welcome Pepper

WordPress.org has come on stage with its latest hit, WordPress 4.6, named “Pepper” in honour of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. You can checkout its debut appearance in your WordPress dashboard or download the latest update here.

This is a major release and users can see some noticeable differences in the appearance, especially in their administration area. The theme of this new release is in allowing you to focus on your performance. A simpler workflow has been included, with many processes now handled on one screen as well as editor improvements making WordPress faster and smarter than ever. This release gets you going places, faster!

Shiny updates

A really neat feature is one that gives users the power to update and install plugins and themes without being redirected to the progress screen. This simplifies the  workflow saves you valuable administration time.

Native System Fonts

Now you can take advantage of the native system fonts on your local machine. This simply means that pages load faster than ever.

Content is King

With this release, if you lose Internet connection, your drafts are automatically saved locally so nothing is lost!

The broken link checker is right on song. When you add links inside of your content, WordPress will simply highlight any errors it finds. Giving you the freedom to produce and publish pitch perfect content.

Developers will be singing Pepper’s praises when they see what’s included for them inside the WordPress 4.6 core improvements. Items such as standardised metadata registration, New WP_Post_type Class, New WP_term_Query and HTTP API internal changes.

Release 4.6 comes with many other performance and stability improvements and you can check them out on the company’s official announcement post.

What are your thoughts on the latest WordPress Release?

Are you a fan? Will you be singing this song? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Gravity forms 2.0 update

Gravity forms 2.0 update

Gravity forms 2.0 has been released today.

This is a Major update and it’s great to see all the amazing changes that have come in this release.

The Mobile updates were long overdue in my opinion and it’s great to know we can start to use mobile text field types from HTML5 in the new update.

Usability as a result of this update takes Gravity Forms to a position of being a best in class form builder over the whole internet. I haven’t seen anything as powerful as gravity forms in any software and at M R K we just continue to fall in love with this amazing product.

Why do we use gravity form?

We made a video on why we use gravity forms and what it is, so if you need more information follow this link.

The full release of gravity forms and the documentation is available on their blog. You can read about it here.

We are rolling out these updates tonight to all our servers and expect everyone on our managed service to be able to make the most of these adjustments later today.

If you have any questions or problems with your forms please contact the team via our helpdesk.

WooCommerce 2.6 Update

WooCommerce 2.6 Update

WooCommerce 2.6 Update

Today we have updated all the WooCommerce Websites in our Managed Service Plans for the new 2.6 update which contains some pretty impressive changes and continues to show the amazing rate of development from the team at Automattic.

The WooCommerce 2.6 update is a major update and covers some significant changes and a large array of new features.

The Main 3 we liked that will impact our customers are:

  1. The new and improved cart experience
  2. The My Account Page improvements
  3. New filtering options

They have also done some great API improvements, which for our development team is really exciting. We always love to geek out over API’s and what they can do for our development possibilities.

For people starting out with WooCommerce their is now a native setup for Stripe on the initial setup which looks AWESOME and we can’t wait to try it out on the next group of websites we create for our customers.

For a full detail of the update you can check out the official post from WooThemes here.

We also have linked to the Github account for the HUGE list of changes done by the development team to make this version of WooCommerce another great step for the internet and WordPress users wanting to sell online.


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