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Do you have an SSL on your website?

Why is it important to have an SSL on your website? When you have an SSL on your website you are taking a big step towards a better internet. An SSL, or secure socket layer, is a method of transferring information in a secure way on the internet. It’s that little...

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Why your small business needs a website

I question I often get asked is, "Does my small business need a website?" In short, the answer is a resounding "Yes". Recent stats show that in Australia, over 50% of all businesses have a website. Out of those, only 30% can take orders online. This stat seems low,...

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Every second counts

Do you know if your website is fast enough to get great SEO Results? What about on page conversions? An interesting metric has come up that we are seeing over and over again - page speed. With mobile networks being so variable your web designers need to make sure they...

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