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Specialised marketing services for small to medium businesses that want real results online

Online Business Marketing Services

M R K Websites have been serving the Central West of New South Wales for over 10 years. We deliver a wide range online business marketing services. These include Consulting, Websites, Marketing, Photography and Video Marketing.

We are growing and improving our services all the time. You will get excellent results for every dollar invested in your business marketing.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Every online business marketing strategy should have as its cornerstone a great website. A good website is the most powerful online business marketing tool you can have.

Google sends millions of users to websites every second of every day. These people are searching for business services and solutions to problems. Having a good website with great content is the best way to engage with this huge audience.

Having a good website that is well maintained and fast loading is more important than ever. Such a website will continue to be a great investment for any business for many years.

Make no mistake, your business does need a website. If you invest in the right areas your website will deliver a dependable flow of leads every day of the year.

Our team are specialists in website development and delivery to fit any business.


WordPress is the world’s most favoured Content Management System (CMS). Close to 30% of the whole internet currently runs on WordPress. We use it too because it delivers the best value and return on investment for small to medium businesses.

Mobile Optimised

According to Google, the most important aspect of a website is mobile optimisation. A fast loading website with great content will deliver the best results and rank higher on Google. Our team of Google Certified Technicians will deliver an excellent mobile experience on your website.


The number of businesses selling online continues to increase year on year. Our team can help you start selling online and reach a brand new audience. We use some of the world’s most powerful e-commerce tools combined with integrated marketing plans.

Managed WordPress

Maintaining and keeping your website update to date requires expert technical knowledge. That can sometimes be expensive so we have made some affordable plans to help you. We manage and maintain your website in a proactive way all year round. Your website is up to date, secure and always online.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Online Business marketing

We offer expert consulting services to small to medium businesses. We will assist and guide you how to best deliver online marketing changes to your business.

With all our consulting clients we have one goal only. That is to save you money. Avoid costly mistakes from poor IT product selection and bad online marketing execution.

We cover 4 main areas to ensure the success of your business. They are:

1. Discovery
This is a two-step process of understanding and getting to know your business. Firstly we spend time identifying the real problems in your business. And secondly, we give you our recommendations on how to best solve these problems.

2. Client Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM systems can be an amazing asset to your business but you need to pick the right one. We assist in delivering the best CRM tools for your business. We will help you to select a solution that not only solves real problems but gets high employee adoption.

3. Business Processes Automation
Having good processes, or a Project Management System, are essential for any business. We can help in making sure you are getting the most value out of the systems you already have. Sometimes the adoption of new technology can help to streamline your business processes. We can also help to automate those processes.

4. G Suite
G Suite (formerly Google Apps For Work) delivers a great email and collaborative environment for your business. We provide comprehensive training on how to use and get the most out of these tools. We are sure that you will enjoy both the security and cost benefits that come with these services by Google.


Online Business marketing

You need to market your business online. Digital marketing continues to deliver great results for so many businesses. But many businesses are also missing out.

Having a good online marketing plan can deliver amazing results for your business. Knowing the right platforms to use and getting the most out of them is more important than ever. If you have a website and want to get more leads, we can help you to get great results.

1. SEO
Search Engine Optimisation delivers 10 times the return on any other type of marketing investment. We continue to see this as the best solution to grow any business. If you don’t have an SEO plan, you need to get one now.

2. Content Marketing
Writing good website content is never easy. Doing it regularly can also be quite time-consuming. Our team can deliver content to your site on a regular basis leaving you to focus on running your business.

3. Facebook
Facebook Marketing has been an amazing platform to deliver advertising and targeted campaigns. The greatest issue with Facebook is it’s constant changes to the platform itself. It can also be costly to put in place and get real click-throughs to your website. With our expert process, you can get the most out of each dollar spent.

4. Pay Per Click
Platforms such as Google AdWords, Linkedin and others can deliver great results for your business. Learning to use these tools can be difficult and getting the most out of them even harder. Our team can help you get the best results.

Video Services

Video Marketing Services

Every day Video becomes more important for businesses that want online marketing success.

Did you know that Youtube is the worlds second biggest search engine after Google? This means that people are looking for your business right now on Youtube.

Creating quality videos has become an important step in engaging with your potential customers. Our goal is to get your business started with video marketing. Our Video Marketing Services include:

1. Youtube
Creating videos for Youtube is a big step in getting more leads and more traffic to your site.

2. Facebook Video
Video has become King on Facebook. But you need to be sure to get a great video that engages with the right audience.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) Video
VR is a new area of video that can lead to higher levels of engagement with your content. The main use of VR today is video. People are always looking for new and exciting experiences with VR.

4. Onsite Video and Live Streaming
We use a range of professional tools from drones, to live streaming tools to help you deliver engaging content with video.

5. Video Training
We can also provide training and assistance to help you get going with online video.

Photography Services

Photography Services

Photos are an important part of any website or marketing campaign. We provide a range of professional photography services to help your business.

1. VR and Streetview
We can provide Streetview and virtual reality photography for your retail outlet. We have a Certified Google Photographer on staff to get your photos captured and put online fast. This is especially useful for the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

2.Green Screen Portraits
Showcasing your team and looking professional on Linkedin is important for most businesses. Using our Green Screen photography setup can deliver amazing results for your business. Our setup is portable so we can come to you in your workplace.

3. Product Photography
Product photography is a specialised art. If you are selling products online, you need good photos. We can provide lightbox imagery for your products to make them stand out online and showcase them on your website. Good product photography can deliver fantastic results and is a necessity for any online business.

4. Photo Editing and Retouching
Do you have a photo that needs editing? We do photo retouches for presentations, brochures and other services. If you need photos retouching and editing in Central West NSW, or anywhere, contact our team.

Great photos are important for your business. Make sure you get good photography for your products and services.

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