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We have over 20 years experience in Business Process Engineering and Digital Marketing

Getting clarity on what your business needs to do for success is invaluable.

We offer various consulting services to small to medium businesses.

Our services include Business Discovery; CRM Consultation; Business Process Automation; G Suite Set Up; General Website Advice and SEO.

With our expertise and years of experience, we can help you understand how to best deliver online business marketing changes to your business.

Discovery Consultation

Why do you need a Discovery Consultation?

Project management is not easy. And understanding your project and what needs to happen is often not straightforward. Having project management experience is an enormous advantage. Equally valuable is a reliable process to discover your project requirements.

We use Project Discovery to avoid the common pitfalls of a failed project. By engaging in the process we can ensure you get what you need out of your project.

We welcome you to contact us if you are… considering creating a new website, want to put in place a CRM or workflow system, or you need a business process review. In all these cases, a Discovery Consultation makes a lot of sense.

What is the outcome of a Discovery Process?

The most important outcome is clarity. Understanding clearly what success looks like for your project and what needs happen to achieve that.

Additionally, we talk to all the stakeholders to get the maximum result out of your project. It’s important that the project meets the stakeholders’ expectations.

Generally, at M R K out first step for any new project is to have a kick-off meeting followed by a Discovery Process.

To re-emphasise, the Discovery Process gives us a clear understanding of what we need to do to meet your expectations. It’s also important for us to know your budget requirements. From that point of understanding, we can all engage in the project. Knowing what we need to do to deliver the project and what success looks like on the project.

If you want to start a large project, we recommend you book a consult and get going in the right direction from day one.

CRM Consultation

Need help choosing a CRM for your business?

Is choosing a CRM Really that hard?

The answer is yes, it can be. The reason is that of all the features and packages that most CRM systems have made them daunting to deal with. Most CRM systems are based on sales. But if you want a workflow CRM to help with something more than sales and leads, then your CRM needs vastly different features.

A CRM also needs integration with other business systems. We find doing an analysis of the systems you already have is a great way to start looking for a CRM. You should choose a CRM that has existing integrations with systems you already use. This makes implementation all the more simple.

The other problem is “shiny rock” syndrome. It’s the fancy tools that have CRM systems promising to make your business an automation “rock star” and get customers flocking to your doors. No CRM can do that. That’s your part. CRMs can either get in the way of doing your part or they can assist you in reaching your sales goals.

No matter what CRM you are looking at our consulting services can assist in helping you make some well informed and smart decisions.

What CRMs have we worked with?

Some of our previous implementations have been for:

Consulting services for Zoho CRM
Consulting services for Salesforce CRM
Consulting services for Agile CRM
Consulting services for Capsule CRM
Consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics
Consulting services for Infusionsoft
Consulting services for SugarCRM

Business Process Automation

Do you need Business Process Automation?

The answer is simply yes. Your customers expect automation. The modern customer will expect systems to enhance your service offering.

Automation can help with simple tasks all the way up to more complex ones.

Our consulting services can help you automate your business with simple tools, some of which you may already be using. We’ll show you how.

How do we automate for small business?

Some of my favourite automation procedures we use in our own business every day.

The first is using social media automation tools on our blog. Whenever we create content on our blog, it is automatically shared to social media. For us, that’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It even makes a weekly summary email that gets sent to our newsletter subscribers. The best part is we don’t have to do anything, it’s all automated!

Every time we send a quote or proposal the follow up is automated, saving us plenty of time. As well as that, we have many automated reporting tools that help us serve our customers better.

What about more complex tasks?

Complex tasks are no problem. We use a mix of scripting tools and forms to link up systems and make automation occur.

Some of our key tools are Zapier and Google AppsScript.

If you want to get more done and reduce repetitive tasks, ask our team for an Automation consult to work out how we can help you get fantastic results.

G Suite Setup

Email has changed

Gmail for Business, also known as G Suite, is our recommended product for business email.

Email is an important part of your business but it can also bring risks to your business too. Sending documents and attachments is one of the top ways that businesses get attacked by Malware and security issues.

G Suite by Google Cloud is one of those amazing tools that are not only affordable but helps you avoid these nasty problems.

Everything you need in one package!

G Suite is a complete system for your business. It can replace Office, Excel, Word all in one place with tools that make your business more secure and easier for employees. It can also help with mobile device management and file management.

Often, the cost is a low as $5 per user per month but it could be free if you are from a qualifying business. Not only is that a great price, but you will likely need fewer tools around your whole business to deliver fantastic results.

If you aren’t using a cloud email provider yet, we would encourage you to get onto G Suite today. Talk to us about how you can get great results for your business using this amazing toolkit. We will even give you a discount on G Suite if you book a free consult with us.

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