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Pay Per Click is the fastest way to get results with online advertising

For fast results with your advertising PPC or “Pay Per Click” is the best option for an online business.

Pay Per Click advertising can deliver results to your business fast.

Have you heard any wild success stories of online or pay per click advertising? I certainly have.

These stories generally follow a few rules,

  1. The story will feature a specific platform – Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Youtube.
  2. In general, the participating business spent low amounts of money – without specifying exactly how much but the budget was ‘affordable’.
  3. The advertiser is successful because of the Pay Per Click.

Unfortunately, this is not the truth for many advertisers and small businesses. It’s not because the platforms don’t work, its generally because people don’t have the knowledge to get the most out of them.

Before I go any further lets first tell you about PPC and what it actually is.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which an advertiser pays a defined amount each time someone ‘clicks’ the placed advert. They are paying for direct website visitors. In many types of PPC, you won’t pay anything for people viewing your advert, you only pay for clicks.

With old advertising methods, you used to have to pay for views of a paper or magazine that contained your advertisement. This lead to accidental marketing where a message was broadcast and you hoped the right people would find you. Now, however, you can pay for actual site visitors.

This is a dynamic change in advertising and delivers powerful results.

Which platforms offer Pay Per Click Advertising?

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

The biggest is pay per click advertising platform is Google Adwords.

Google is the king of pay per click advertising because it joins its advertising with the intent of a customer when they do a search on Google.

When a searcher uses Google a specific item adverts, also know as Adwords, are shown in the search results. This means that if you are using Adwords, your advert is only ever shown to a searcher who is looking for your business.

What makes Google Adwords even more powerful, when it comes to Pay Per Click, is the ability to select specific locations and demographics for your search term.

I can pick places within 10 km of my location, or 100 km’s for that matter. I can also choose specific devices, so I might want to specifically target mobile phones.

Finally you can choose times and days when you want your advert to show and you can set a daily budget.

This makes Google Adwords a great choice for getting started in with Pay Per Click marketing.

Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

Facebook for Business

Facebook has an advertising platform that allows you to target your adverts in many interesting ways using demographics and interests.

As a result of the refined targeting tools, Facebook has become a very powerful system for brand building and getting your message in front of potential customers that fit your target persona.

The biggest challenge with Facebook is the number of advertisers and the targeting efforts needed to get results.

When you are advertising on Facebook you are generally trying to interrupt a users intent. They have intended to go on facebook to communicate with friends but very quickly advertisers have to distract that user with a new message to change the intent of the user.

This is more difficult than the Google Adwords platform.

To get the best results you really need to setup your Facebook Pixel and start to create custom audiences. This allows remarketing to take place that can be very profitable. It is a little more complex to work out however so make sure you do your homework.

Take a look at our facebook marketing page for more specifics on facebook.

If your interested in ReMarketing you can learn more about that on our website too.

Youtube Pay Per Click Advertising

Australian love Youtube

Youtube is another popular platform for advertising. As the worlds second largest search engine and number 1 video site, it can deliver some amazing results.

Australian’s love for Youtube continues to grow every year and as a result we consume many hours of video every month.

When using Youtube advertising it’s important to know why users go to Youtube. In Australia, the top searches are for how to and product knowledge searches. This makes it great for people selling products or services.

You can place video adverts on Youtube and target by specific video or various interests to get your videos viewed and drive traffic to your website.

Youtube can also be good for generating more brand awareness.

To advertise on Youtube you need a Youtube channel and some videos. This makes the entry to the platform a little bit more difficult.

If you don’t have any videos or a youtube channel you can take a look at our video marketing page to learn how to get started.

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is the worlds largest business social platform

LinkedIn is a social network for businesses. It can be used to target users by specific business and company attributes. This is a great platform for business to business style advertising campaigns.

One of the powerful aspects of LinkedIn is the way you can advertise. Not only do they offer pay per click but the also offer various forms of direct marketing.

You can send your message to particular account types or demographics as a direct message campaign.

Linkedin also provides banner advertising or news placements for your advertising message to be displayed.

Overall the Linkedin pay per click platform is powerful and for anyone in the business to business space, it could be a revolution in your advertising.

Linked in have recently improved the ReMarketing tools which makes it great as a support to other advertising platforms that are delivering traffic to your website.

How can we help with your Pay Per Click Advertising?

Getting the right partner goes a long way to getting success with online advertising. Pay Per Click and ReTargetting work hand in hand with a great website design, email marketing and mobile website performance. Combined some or all of these can make a big difference to your campaign effectiveness and cost.

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