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Search Engines are where people go to look for products and services. Be found with Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation continues to be the best performing online marketing tool available.

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of getting online traffic to your website. It works by improving how well your website is ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also covers gaining ongoing free traffic from relevant third party websites.

How does SEO work?

In the most simple terms, it is a combination of two things. First, a large amount of small incremental changes on your website. And second, the creation of good quality content that helps potential customers find what they are searching for online. Simply put, we make your website the highest quality we possibly can to make it load fast and be interesting to potential customers.

Will I get to No. 1 on Google?

That really depends on what you want to be No. 1 for, and what type of search it is. Google is the biggest driver of traffic and it is getting very smart in the way it serves search results. Google wants to give people the best possible answer to every question. For this reason, being No. 1 for a search term really comes down to three things:

1. What the search term is.
2. What device is making the search.
3. Where geographically the search is made from.

A change in these parameters can drastically change the context in which Google or any other search engine returns a result.

What sort of result can I expect?

Generally, we expect a 2000% increase in Organic Search Traffic from an SEO campaign.

Is your site ready for Search Engine Optimisation?

Are you ready for SEO?

One of the main mistakes made when starting an SEO campaign is not offering a “clear value proposition” on your website.

When it comes to getting the right traffic for your business, to convert into potential customers, these two things are very important:

1. Clear Value Proposition, and a
2. Call To Action process.

Without on-page conversion, you won’t capture any leads and your SEO efforts are in vain.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Without a mobile-friendly website, you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to SEO or any online marketing. Google prioritises mobile-friendly websites. Having a good mobile experience with responsive website design is essential before starting a SEO campaign.

Is your website secure?

Having a secure website is another essential element of good SEO. Google and other large corporations that drive search traffic are making it clear, your website needs to be secure. You must have an SSL certificate to make your site safe for your users.

Does your website load fast?

Nobody likes a slow website. You need to be sure that your website is fast and consistently fast. It can’t randomly slow down and it needs to take a decent load of traffic if you are going to do SEO. A small amount of downtime can cause significant damage.

Does your website do all these things?

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Is it Mobile Friendly?

Your website design needs to be mobile friendly and utilise responsive website design. Mobile first design is a necessity for Google and good SEO.

SSL security is a boost for SEO

Is it Secure with SSL?

Having an SSL Certificate and a secure website is a leading indicator of a high-quality website. It’s also starting to be important for SEO ranking. Your site needs to be secure before you start an SEO marketing plan.

A fast loading website helps search engine optimsation

Is it Fast Loading?

A fast loading website design not only helps your SEO but enhances all marketing. Fast pages get more traffic and more engagement. Make sure your web pages load fast and you have a high-quality hosting environment.

Did you answer yes? Congratulations! You are ready for an SEO Technical Audit and Strategy Session to start improving your website design and online marketing.

If your website is not fast, mobile-friendly or secure, don’t worry, we can still help.

It is likely you may need a new website design but you may need a more simple solution. We would love to work out how to best help you and your business so Contact our team to arrange for a free consult.

How do we conduct our SEO Technical Audit?

Why do we need to do a Technical Audit?

SEO requires a lot of research and investigation to get the best results for your website. It’s very important for us to understand your business, your website and your current marketing plans to get good results from SEO.

Once we understand your business, we can come up with a direct action plan to deal with real marketing problems and target new customers.

How long does a Technical Audit take?

A technical audit usually takes around one week to complete. But that depends on us getting the required information from you.

Can I get an SEO plan without a Technical Audit?

If you are an existing customer on one of our Managed WordPress plans that are Business Class or higher, you will not need a technical audit in most cases. It depends on the age of your website, and how much you update it yourself, which we determine in a free consult.

For these customers, we go directly to keyword research to come up with a content marketing plan.

What happens after a Technical Audit has taken place?

After we have performed our audit, we provide you with an advisory document. In this document, we highlight a plan of action with a list of priorities against each action point.

In some cases, you may have critical items that need to be fixed urgently. For example, issues around website security or legal compliance. These are obviously very important fixes that go beyond an SEO audit.

We do this because ultimately a great website gets much better results from SEO. Making sure your website is running fast, is secure and up to date means you are being a good internet citizen. And that is seen favourably by users and search engines alike.

SEO is not magic or trickery. It is the process of making a lot of small changes to your website to make it the best it can possibly be for your target customers needs.

Once the action points from the technical audit are completed, we move into a keyword research phase with content planning.

What is included in Search Engine Optimisation?

Our SEO Marketing Plans

A good SEO marketing plan is always tailored to a businesses needs. This means every plan is different. We need to take into account a number of things. Firstly, who your competition is. Secondly, what your target customer is looking for. And lastly, what it takes to convert a potential customer into a real customer.

Google is always trying to give the best search results to customer questions. What we do as an SEO Marketing company is create content that answers those questions, thus driving traffic to your site. As you become known for having good content, it turns into leads for your services and products.

We can write blog articles to help your SEO

Blog Articles

News and blog articles can drive heaps of traffic to your website. We have a team that can write articles for you to get regular traffic to your website.

Video marketing can boost your SEO and on-page conversion

Video Marketing

2018 is the year of video marketing. Creating good videos from your website content is a great step forward in getting more engagement on your website. We have a range of video marketing services.

Good links bring great traffic to your website

Link Building

The more links you get to your site the better, well almost. Relevant links pointing at your website from reliable sources is a great way to drive traffic. Not everyone builds links reliably, but we can get great links as part of your SEO marketing.

Each page needs to be well constructed for the best SEO results

On-Page Optimisation

All the pages on your website can be optimised to get better results. We look at the copy, the images, the forms, the buttons and improve them for SEO and on-page conversion.

Get the most out of Google Maps with Local SEO

Local Maps

Your Google Maps listing and business directory citations can be one of the most important indicators of local page rank. Making sure your Google Maps listing, and other listings, are correct can help get the right response from local search.

Rich Content is easily shared and drives traffic to your website.

Rich Content Creation

E-books, infographics and photos can all make for shareable content that potential customers love. We explore your website, and your competitors, to make sure you have rich content to drive traffic.

Regular reports and monitoring in the cloud is used to track your SEO campaign

Regular Reporting

We do regular reports and monitoring to ensure we are getting good results inline with your goals. Monitoring your website is important to stay in touch with Google Algorithm updates and modifications that occur year round.

Monitoring your backlinks is a important way to check your links are working.

Referral monitoring

Website referral traffic can be a huge source of new leads. We track your referral traffic to see when links are coming from and what customers are converting to customers on your website. This helps us build new links that create sales.

Updating content and old blog articles can re-vitalise your search engine optimisation

Regular Updates

To re-write content and update existing blog articles may seem like a waste of time. however, updating your content and fixing it up is a great way to improve it and keep Google referring traffic. We monitor and re-do content as needed to help reach your goals.

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What happens once you complete this form?

To complete our audit we will need access to your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

As soon as we receive your completed form we run an automated audit. We then email you the report and arrange a time to chat with you about what the report may reveal.

From that point, we may recommend a more in-depth SEO review or a website revamp process.

We only make phone calls during our normal hours of operation. If you need to arrange a call outside of those hours, please email the helpdesk.

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