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Video Marketing is the best way to showcase your business on social media and on your website. It’s more affordable than most people think and it’s effective!

Do you need Video Marketing for your small business?

The short answer is Yes. But why do you need Video Marketing?

Video Marketing helps to attract customers. Customers, and potential customers, all like videos. Did you know that the brain processes information from a video 60,000 times faster than written content! This means that in a short amount of time you can deliver a lot of information.

Video also converts better than standard written content. Videos in general covert at least 30% faster than other forms of content.

Still not convinced about Video Marketing?

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google. A good video marketing campaign will help you get found on YouTube. Now YouTube is often the first place customers will go to get reviews on products and information about your business services.

Is Video Marketing expensive?

Our Informational Video Service starts at $500 + GST. And if you buy multiple videos it can be even more cost-effective. This makes video marketing a simple and affordable investment for any small business.

Video Marketing Tips

Your clients love video content and want to engage with companies that use it.

Did you know that Australians are some of the biggest users of YouTube and online video?

Australians love watching online video and consume large amounts of it via YouTube. In September 2017, 14.7 million Australians used YouTube. Of that number, the average amount of video watched was 20 hours and 44 minutes. Now that’s a lot of adverts watched and a lot of content delivered!

You can see the full infographic here from Google.

Getting the attention of these YouTube users can be done in 2 primary ways:

  1. Pay for traffic using YouTube’s advertising tools, or
  2. Create great content and get free views of your videos.

I personally like the second option as it can also help on your website to get more sales. The more people that watch your videos the better your on page conversion will be.

How do you create great YouTube videos?

The best way is to know what people are looking for on YouTube itself. Most Aussie users turn to YouTube for “how-to” videos. Because of this YouTube is now Australia’s number one search engine for advice.

7 out of 10 YouTube users will use the platform to solve a problem for a job, hobbies or studies. 86% of users say they use YouTube to learn new things.

Making a good “how-to” video is a great way to attract users to your brand. By making “how-to” or educational videos for your business, you can potentially cash in on leads that YouTube can generate for your business.

You can view all the key statistics here on the Think with Google website.

How can we help with your Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Production Services

Making a great video that stands out is important when it comes to your online success. Yes, you could get a video done on your phone or other devices. But you need to remember that quality sound and footage with smart editing will go along way to getting engagement with your video. Video marketing rarely works with low-quality video.

Publishing to the Right Platforms

Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Vimeo are all great places to publish your video. But they may not be the right place for your target your audience. Knowing where to publish a video is just as important as making a great video to start with.

Facebook is becoming increasingly difficult to reach your end customer. This is because the advertising market on Facebook has become flooded.

Be sure to get the most out of your video by using the right platform to publish it.

Great Sound is More Important than Great Footage

The right sound can add so much to a clip. Can you imagine watching a cooking show with no background music? It becomes really boring. Matching the right sound to the right clip can make a huge difference to the engagement.

It’s also important to capture good sound at the start. We have a range of cameras and microphones to help us get the best video for our customers and capture great sound.

Editing and Special Effects

Good graphics and editing will bring many video explainers and “how-to” videos alive. Adding the right text effects and graphics goes a long way to making a good video. We have a range of editing skills and compositing abilities to ensure we get the most out of your footage and subject matter.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Video can help your whole website perform better with Search Engine Optimisation. People often do a Google search or Youtube search to find your video. Understanding what these platforms are looking for is a great way to get more views of your video. With our SEO certifications and skills, you can be sure to get the right results.

Video Marketing FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Video Marketing Services.

Can you provide live video help?

Yes. We have a lot of experience with live video setups and webinars as well as multi-camera steaming.

Do you provide 3d modelling or virtual sets?

we can do some basic 3d modelling but complex scenes may need a 3d specialist. We can provide greenscreen editing and general background replacement 3d compositions.

How long does it take for you to edit a video?

A minimum turn around time is 14 days. If you have something more complex that incorporates an onsite video shoot, drone footage or outdoor footage it may take longer as weather and other travel could cause delays.

Do YouTube videos help my website SEO?

Yes, they can help your SEO a lot. We recommend you optimise your Youtube video postings to make sure this happens.

Sharing a video and linking to it also help. Networks of links of good content will always help boost your search engine rankings.

Can you do VR Video?

Yes, we can. We have lots of experience with Virtual Reality Video and we recommend using it where it fits your requirements.

This is generally a great idea for immersive experiences or holiday experiences.

What is the average cost of Video Marketing?

It depends on what you need. Our most basic video explainers based on a blog article are $500 + GST.

If we need to go onsite to shoot a video and then edit it, these are charged at an hourly rate with a travel charge to get onsite with your team.

We would generally recommend your first video should have a $900 + GST budget to get you started.

2018 is the year of Video Marketing

Make sure you get your business positioned to get the most out of Australia’s appetite for online video.

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