CMS Friendly Design

With our training and design guidance you will have a great design that can be maintained by your marketing team.

Do you know what CMS Friendly Design is?

A Content Management System (known as CMS) allows the website owner, you, to update and maintain their own site without needing to have any great web design skills. We ensure that your website design is CMS friendly, meaning that every page (and every module, image and form on each page etc) is easily editable and replicable by you, the owner, without always needing a developer.

There are many different choices for CMS on the internet today. We design your website using WordPress CMS, which is definitely the world’s most popular CMS. We develop and customise the WordPress CMS to fulfil your specific business needs. You get all the plugins you need, and nothing you don’t. And best of all, we keep it all up to date, backed up and running well behind the scenes on a daily basis.

Our WordPress CMS powered websites allow you to manage your website content and news through an easy to use interface. Simply log into an online admin console with your own username and password and you will be able to add text and upload pictures easily to your site.

With our training and design guidance you will have a great design that can be maintained by your marketing team. This ensures you avoid expensive maintenance costs of having to get a highly experienced website developer to do every change on your website.

What are the Advantages of CMS Friendly Design?

Why you need a CMS friendly web design for your business.

Saves You Money

A CMS friendly design saves you money because you no longer need to pay a technical developer to make small changes to your site.

Saves You Time

A CMS friendly design saves you time because you don’t have to call a developer, or lodge a job ticket etc. You can quickly login to the admin console and do the update yourself.

Reduces Your Risk of Breaking Pages

A CMS friendly design removes the risk of breaking things on your site. You can edit your pages without fear, knowing that if you do happen to make a mistake, the roll back feature allows you to roll the page back to the last version you were happy with. Easy!

Allows You to be More Responsive

A CMS friendly design helps you to be more responsive as a business. Being able to update your own blog and content etc means you can jump on changes quickly as they need to happen, rather than waiting on a developer to fit you into their schedule.

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CMS Friendly Design Features

WordPress CMS

Fastest Growing CMS Software

WordPress is the fastest growing software for making websites on the internet today and as a result it is an excellent choice for your business website. It has a huge community of developers and designers that contribute to an online community.

How does this help you? It generally means that the majority of problems or goals you may face in running your business have likely already been solved by someone and shared with the community making your solution easier and cheaper to implement.

Page Builder

Endless Layout Possibilites

Having a great page builder on your WordPress website will allow you to make the layouts and features you need without needing to focus on how to accomplish the task.

Our page builder incorporates a large array of modules, over 50 and increasing daily.

It also includes valuable tools to run split tests and manage how your page is shown on mobile. This flexibility ensures you can create new web pages rapidly and even use premade layouts.

Form Builder

Build Amazing Forms

In the world of WordPress there is a range of Form Builders that can be used on your website. One reigns supreme – Gravity Forms.

We use Gravity Forms on all of our websites as it is integrated with hundreds of other web platforms and is easy to use.

It has all the features you need for 90% of your requirements and if it doesn’t have one, we can generally make it integrate in a flexible and reliable way.

Multiple Modules

Custom Modules

Inside a website you often have the need for standardised data sets.

A good example is an online shop or a FAQ database.

At M R K Websites our platform has a large array of Modules and Add-ons that can accomplish all sorts of tasks for your business.

We can also create custom modules to ensure you can get the most out of your website with minimal management time which also integrates with our form and page building tools.

The page builder allows you to build anything. Simply drag and drop. No Coding Required.

Is your website design CMS friendly?

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