Fast Loading Websites

How website speed impacts conversions

Do you know what impact your website page speed has on your business?

In this day and age everyone loves fast internet but did you know that you can make your pages slower or faster by the way you design those pages?

At M R K we make sure that your page speed can be increased to make for better online conversions. Just a small increase can make a big difference.

NOT ONLY will it help for your initial visit but recent studies suggest that you will get more people returning to your website by having a faster page speed.

User are significantly less likely to return to a website when they had a bad experience than when they have had a good experience when it comes to site speed.

Lets break down some of the numbers so you can be sure your website is fast and you are ensuring your website rebuild or your first website will have get great result for getting new customers and growing your business.

1 second can make all the difference in your website design load speed

The power of 1 second

Recent studies have show how important page speed is.

Just a 1 second delay can lead too:

  • Fewer page views 11%
  • Decrease in Customer satisfaction 16%
  • Loss in conversion 7%
Everyone potential customer that visits your website wants a fast loading experience and just 1 second makes a difference.

At M R K we design your website to ensure that we can achieve the best possible Page Speed results whilst conserving your brand and design requirements as well as on page conversion.

We encourage everyone to be careful about what images are placed on your webpages and why you put them in the page.

Images are one of the leading causes of slow pages.

We also make sure the your server is really fast with our Managed WordPress Website service.


Is your website fast enough?

Get a website Audit to see just how fast your website can be. Free Website Audit

Every website we make is designed to be FAST

We also have monitoring of every website via our Managed Website Platform to ensure it is up to date and its pages are monitored for page speed. If you make the most of this service and monitor your pages you are likely to see the following advantages for your business.


over 80% more likely to improve customer satisfaction

400% more likely to have a reduction in labour cost

9 times to report decreases in site repair time

2 times more likely to improve brand reputation

Is your website fast enough?

Get a website Audit to see just how fast your website can be. Free Website Audit

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