Managed WordPress

Running updates and security with daily backups is all part of our Managed WordPress service.

Our Managed WordPress service will ensure that you’re running the latest, most secure software, void of compatibility issues.

Managed WordPress

WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS. This is largely due to the fact that it continues to be improved and updated on a regular basis. As a result of this, almost every week something on your WordPress website will need an update.

These updates could be critical security updates. They could be new features that help your search engine optimisation efforts.

As a business owner, you want your website up to date but dealing with it can sometimes be a pain. You ideally don’t want to have to spend time thinking about keeping your website up to date.

A WordPress that is up to date is a WordPress website that is secure.

It is recommended that you update your WordPress website weekly and monitor the updates daily. This is just about impossible to do for most small to medium businesses.

This is where our Managed WordPress services come in very handy and solve a real problem for any WordPress powered websites.

Our Managed WordPress service goes well beyond normal hosting services or even the normal Managed WordPress services on the internet.

What does our service include?

That is up to you. We have a range of plans from as little as $30 per month.

You can include:

  • Daily Backups for your Database and Files
  • Twice daily update checks for your premium and free plugins, themes and WordPress core files
  • All your premium licenses can be included so you know nothing will expire.
  • SEO and Google Analytics reports can be monitored and included.
  • Email monitoring and delivery tracking.
  • Uptime reports
  • Site speed reports

This means with one service you get a HUGE discount on what it would normally cost to set up your WordPress website and maintain it year round – all WORRY FREE.

Our Managed WordPress Service

We have a number of set plans to help fit your budget. Some of our main features are highlighted below.

Managed WordPress can include SEO Reports

SEO Reports

You can add SEO Reports each week to ensure you are staying on track against your competitors and overall ranking on important keywords.

Managed WordPress can include Daily Updates

Daily Updates

WordPress updates can run daily or weekly for your Plugins, Themes and WordPress Core.

Managed WordPress includes SSL Security

SSL Security

Every website has Full SSL Security and Encryption as well as threat blocking for those people using our DNS.

Our Managed WordPress include's Email Delivery monitoring

Email Delivery

Making sure your forms and notifications are received is important. Our system monitors the delivery of each mail from your website and you domain health for spam ratings.

Managed WordPress can include Backups


We run database and file backups daily and send it all into a secure dropbox in the cloud. These can be run on a suitable schedule to manage costs.

Managed WordPress all include Hosting


Our WordPress specific hosting is optimised to be cost-effective, secure, reliable and fast. We have choice in many nations with Google Cloud or Site Ground in Singapore

Managed WordPress can include Premium Plugins

Premium Plugins

All your premium plugins and themes are included at one affordable price. You don’t need to track licenses and support fees as our team does that for you.

Managed WordPress will include Video Training

Video Training

Video and guided training is included in your installation so you can learn how to better manage your site. Divi specific training is also included for those using Divi.

Managed WordPress includes our custom Site Manager tool

Site Manager

With our customer reporting interface you can access all your reports any day of the week, with all your historical data and updates in one place.

Weekly Email

Every Managed WordPress site gets a Weekly Email Report

A weekly reporting email is sent from our service to tell you the top level numbers on Backups and Updates.

Managed WordPress can include Speed Enhanced Setup

Speed Enhanced

Our servers are tuned to serve your websites fast with the latest recommendations from Google. We also include specialised cache tools to keep your site running fast.

Managed WordPress can include Audit Tools

Audit Tools

Audits mean your site is monitored for changes and our team can automatically recommend adjustments for maximum results.

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