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Our website design service ensures your website is mobile friendly.

Do you know what Responsive Website Design is?

Recent data shows that it is essential to deliver a mobile friendly experience on your website.
Watch the video to learn how Responsive Website Design helps your customers.

So now you know that your website users need a mobile friendly website and it is good for business.

Read our top 7 reasons why Responsive Web Design is the right choice for a mobile friendly website.

guy-on-phone1 – You have a CMS

When you have a CMS you want to make sure that when you update your site, every customer can see your updates. Often when you have multiple website mechanisms that don’t use responsive design this can become difficult to manage however when you use our Website Design service we ensure that one CMS update works for all of your devices and can even cover mobile applications.

The combination of Responsive Website Design and WordPress CMS is the easiest way we have found to deliver a mobile friendly website that can be maintained easily.

2 – You want to make your customers happy

We have learned that when your customers come to your website they expect it to be easy to use. If your website is difficult to use and the buttons are hard to press on a mobile phone, your customers are likely to leave, go back to google and look for another website that is likely one of your competitors.
RunNSW Responsive Web Design
Recent data from has found that customers see the frustration they feel from your website as YOU and YOUR BUSINESS frustrating them directly. Your customers see your website as you, so be helpful to them and give them a mobile friendly webpage.

3 – You want to get search engine traffic from Google

Google has a way of detecting if your website is Mobile friendly. Responsive design ensures your website is mobile friendly and gets all the love from Google.

4 – You want to get more online sales

The fastest growing area of e-commerce in the world is mobile sales. More and more people make purchases on their phone or at the very least research products to make a purchase using their mobile device.

Your customers are using mobile devices to browse the internet and they are likely using it on your website already. If you have had them enquire it is likely because your mobile website experience is lacking and not delivering on the high standards you really desire for your customers.

5 – You want to be seen as an industry leader

As an industry leader you need to use modern technology on your website. Responsive Web Design is seen as the best way to get a website delivered to the widest range of devices.

6 – You want to ensure your customers can contact youInov8 Building Design iPhone and iPad example of Responsive Web Design

Over 50% of searches online are done with a mobile phone. When one of your potential customers reaches your website they can call you instantly if you make sure they can touch phone numbers and make a call. This is part of responsive website design and it leads to more connections with potential customers.

7 – You want to represent your brand well

When a potential customer connects to your website, they are connecting with your business and brand. When you ensure they have a pleasant experience it is a great way to enhance their perception of your brand. The best way to do this is to make use of Responsive Website Design techniques.

At M R K Websites every website we create is a responsive enabled website that is tested on mobile devices to give a great experience.

Is your website mobile friendly?

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Would you like a 270% increase in lead conversion?


Gap in Mobile Conversion

If you do then getting your mobile responsive website design right is very important.

Mobile Website Traffic on a normal Responsive Website converts at 37% the rate of a Desktop Version of the same page, which is generally caused by website design services that are lacking and the pages are low quality compared to the desktop version of the website therefore making sure you are technically viable and doing Responsive Design right can lead to a 270% increase in on page conversion for mobile devices.

When we design your website we make sure your site is fast and mobile friendly.

To do this you need to audit your pages and test them on real devices which will ensure your customers get a great experience on their mobile and touch screen devices.

As your customers use their mobiles throughout the day they have many micro moments of data research on their phones using the internet and social media.


Share of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they're about to make in a store.


Share of internet users start shopping on one device but continue or finish on a different one.


Share of online retail purchases happen on mobile devices.


Percentage of users who research product from TV on their phone

Remember – People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Get a free website audit and useful links on how to make your website Mobile Friendly Free Website Audit

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