Responsive Website Design

A mobile-friendly website using responsive website design is a critical part of a modern website.

Is your website Mobile-Friendly?

Responsive Website Design ensures your website is mobile friendly.

Responsive Website Design helps with touch enabled and mobile devices

Every website we make is a responsive website design.

Mobile Friendly websites using responsive website design convert better, make more money and give better search engine optimisation results.

Every year the use of mobile devices to access the internet and web pages increases. In 2016 mobile traffic exceeded that of desktop computers for the first time and it continues to grow. With this growth, you need to ensure potential customers get a great experience on your website no matter which device they use. This is where Responsive Website Design becomes the best way to deliver a great experience.

The term, Responsive Web Design or RWD, was originally defined by Ethan Marcotte on his website, A List Apart. A responsive website design responds to the device used to access the page. In the case of a mobile device, you don’t want your users to have to select tiny links or zoom in and out for general navigation of your website. A user does not want links to be clicked or pressed by accident. Changing the design layout to respond to the mobile device is responsive web design.

By the end of 2018 mobile is estimated to be 79% of all internet usage

This means you cannot afford to have a poor mobile experience for your users. It has to load fast, display well and be usable. Some websites appear to be responsive but when it comes to using them, they are difficult to use and have not been properly tested.

67% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poor mobile website.

A responsive website design is part of a good website design. This means you will wow your users and give them the confidence to refer friends and family. Don’t risk having your website do you damage by ignoring mobile users.

What to look for in a Responsive Website Design

We have found a few key elements to look for when selecting a website designer

You should be looking for a certified website designer with Google.

Certification helps you know you are dealing with a real professional.

Google Mobile Sites Certified Individual

Responsive Web Design requires a skilled professional.

A user that has years of experience implementing Responsive Web Design can make sure you are aware of what does and doesn’t work. Often hand-coded adjustments are needed to get great results.

The Web Designer should have a fast website.

Website speed is important for mobile-friendly design. Google has reports that suggest your website should load in under 3 seconds. A nice design can’t load slowly or no one will see it. If your website designer has a slow website then they probably won’t be able to make yours as fast as it needs to be.

They should be aware of AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new feature from Google. It’s a toolset that helps web pages load really fast and it means you have some very specific restrictions on how to design your site.

This restriction is aimed at one thing, page speed. The faster a page loads the better. Using AMP is a great way to get your blog content and website shared more and get better results with Google.

Finally, they should know about Search Engine Optimisation.

Getting the right results from search engines can make or break your business. Having a website that is built to work well with search engines as well as users will make an astounding difference to your online marketing efforts. Build it right the first time and get the best possible results.

We are in a mobile-first world


Percentage of customers that stop engaging

8 out of 10 users will stop engaging with a website that does not work on their device.


Increase in mobile conversion rate

Mobile website conversion is up 64% across the internet as users become more comfortable with their devices.


Users that call within 24 hours of a search

88% of users who search for a business on a mobile device will call or visit within 24 hours.


Small business websites that aren't mobile friendly

80% of small business websites still don’t work on mobile devices. Being an early adopter can be a big advantage here.

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