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Getting Control of your Google My Business Page is essential for Local SEO

Recent research shows that the best way to get local web traffic is to ensure your GMB listing is up to date and claimed by the business owner.


Recent Research

Our recent research on Local SEO showed the majority of companies in our local area of Parkes, New South Wales had not claimed their listing. They also had not valued local search and getting online.

On the flip side businesses we have worked with that have claimed their listing get a big head start in Local SEO Ranking on Google and therefore get lots of traffic to their website.

So if you haven’t got your local listing setup yet, is all lost?

Most certainly not. As a matter of fact we have found that just getting this one area right for your business can make a big impact on getting results, and getting them fast.

Overall the whole process of claiming a Google My Business Listing takes around 1 month. The verification process from Google is still the biggest factor in this time taken.

Our Local SEO Services

We have a number of services to assist you in your Local SEO
Do it yourself

Free Step by Step Guide

We have a free step by step guide.

Follow on with our video and written guides.

Its simple and free.

You will however need a Google Account and around 1 hour of time over the whole process.

Done for You

Our Done for your Service

If you are a business owner that is not technically minded you often don’t want yet another thing to do. No Problem.

Our expert team help you get the job done, with this service we will claim the business for you and get your ready to go.

Get your Free SEO report

Free SEO Report

If you already have your Google My Business Claimed you might want to get a free SEO report.

This report will help you identify areas you can improve on your website and how you can get better search results.


Some Frequently Asked Question on Local SEO

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