Website Platform

Make sure your website is powered by a platform that can grow with you.

A great website needs a great platform. With WordPress CMS you get an amazing website platform to take your forwards.

Website Platform

A good website needs a good platform.

Although a static HTML page might seem like a great idea you really need a content management system and forms to make a website get leads for your business.

Content is also really important so we recommend you have a blog and the ability to create pages etc. which all comes from your platform.

At M R K we use WordPress CMS to make websites, but it doesn’t end there.

We also use Gravity Forms, one of the world’s most popular form tools, to gather form data and integrate with your CRM or Zapier.

We also have a fantastic page builder that helps you easily manage your pages. This power combined is what we refer to as the WordPress platform at M R K Websites.

WordPress is the fastest growing software for making websites on the internet today and as a result it is an excellent choice for your business website.

Unlike some other popular platforms, WordPress is free software that can be used in many ways by many people. This is a large part of its success. It has a huge community of developers and designers that contribute to an online community.

In the world of WordPress there is a range of Form Builders that can be used on your website. One reigns supreme – Gravity Forms.

We use Gravity Forms on all of our websites as it is integrated with hundreds of other web platforms and is easy to use.

Normally costing over $50 USD per year, we include it FREE with every site.

Having a great page builder on your WordPress website will allow you to make the layouts and features you need without needing to focus on how to accomplish the task.

Our page builder incorporates a large array of over 50 modules, and increasing daily.

It also includes valuable tools to run split tests and manage how your page is shown on mobile. This flexibility ensures you can create new web pages rapidly and even use premade layouts.

Inside a website you often have the need for standardised data sets.

A good example is an online shop or a FAQ database.

At M R K Websites our platform has a large array of modules and add-ons that can accomplish all sorts of tasks for your business.

We have a list of over 50 modules and we increase that every week.

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